Advanced Foot Surgery

Utilizing the latest techniques and technology when performing surgeries we are able to take an individual approach and consider all aspects of our patient’s life in order to provide the best outcome. With the use of minimally invasive incisions, Intra – Operative Nano Technology Therapy and precision driven techniques we are able to speed up the recovery process and minimize post-operative pain.

Innovative Bio-Orthotics

We offer the Newest Generation of Orthotic technology and have created the “ Bio-Orthotics ” A Biomechanical theory created by Dr. Fishman has resulted in the next generation of custom molded orthotics.  This specialized technique involves individual foot and ankle mechanical evaluations separating each foot and ankle into a separate entity. As a result of Dr. Fishman’s casting technique there is a very minimal “ breaking in “ period resulting in rapid adaptation of the orthotic device and near instant relief of your foot ailments.

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Precise Technological Imaging Utilizing Live X-ray

Our In-office Fluoroscopy X-ray machine allows us the ability to precisely locate the underlying cause of common podiatric problems. It allows not only imaging of the foot and ankle but also live dynamic foot and ankle joint motion under X-ray exam. Utilizing this newest technology we perform Live X-ray guided injection therapy that is normally not available in most office settings. Here at Fishman Footcare we are able to administer painless highly accurate therapy utilizing the smallest fluoroscopy technology in the business.

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In Office Regenerative Therapy

With the advancements of medical technology, we can now offer In-Office Nano Technology injection therapy for a variety of Foot and Ankle ailments. Nano Technology therapy utilizes the regenerative process of our cells to help repair damaged tissue, decrease inflammation and prevent scar tissue formation within the body. This New cutting edge therapy is a great Non- Invasive and painless alternative to Surgery.

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Rapid Wart Removal

Treatments for warts are time consuming, costly and extremely difficult to treat. Here at Fishman Footcare we utilize an amazing injection therapy that can resolve a wart infection with possibly just one treatment. Utilizing this unique injectable medication we are able to offer our patients a more efficacious and rapid treatment for warts. Before turning to more invasive surgical interventions or prolonged costly topical medications ask Fishman Footcare about our unique highly effective wart therapy


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