With the advancements of medical technology, we can now offer In-Office and Surgical Nano Technology injection therapy for a variety of Foot and Ankle ailments. Nano Technology therapy utilizes the regenerative process of our cells to help repair damaged tissue, decrease inflammation and prevent scar tissue formation within the body. This new cutting edge therapy is a great Non- Invasive and painless alternative to Surgery.

What is Nano Technology?

  • Our cells are the basic building blocks of human tissues.
  • Cells respond and facilitate the healing process by differentiating into specialized cells
  • These regenerative cells have the ability to repair injured tissues and eventually rebuild and rejuvenate.
  • The goal of each Nano Technology treatment is to inject cells into the JOINT or TENDON or LIGAMENT or SURGICAL SITE to promote and expedite the natural healing process .
  • This in return can result in faster healing times especially with Surgical procedures